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Staying Clean After Rehabilitation

Getting Back To Normal After Being An Addict

You might want to celebrate once you achieve sobriety but don't think the job is done, because staying sober is just as difficult as, perhaps even more than, achieving sobriety. Identifying new activities to do will help a person keep away from the drugs.

It is easier to stay clean in a rehab centre because the environment is controlled, devoid of any factors that had earlier pushed toward addiction.

A rehab centre not only gives you a great chance to achieve sobriety but also equips you with knowledge, tools, and strategies to stay sober once you are back in the real world.

Graduating from rehab can be very encouraging and light yet it also brings new challenges in maintaining the new found sobriety.

Being able to recognize your stressors or triggers proves very helpful in maintaining status quo. This way you can stay clean.

Managing Urges And Triggers Post Rehabilitation

Getting back to normal life after staying in a protected, controlled environment is not easy.

Time and again you may encounter situations where your commitment to sobriety is being tested.

Finding yourself in old familiar places, situations and people that bring back those negative emotions may drive you back to the old habits.

Many things, like ones discussed ahead, help you dodge old temptations:

  • Joining Support Groups
  • Hang out with clean people and your loved ones who are willing to lend you a helping hand in your effort to stay clean.
  • Ensure you are part of a local support group on whom you can count for help.
  • Modify Your Environment
  • Ensure your house is free of any traces of drugs before you move into it after completing rehab.
  • Any situation that would want to make you reuse must be evaded.
  • Define Future Goals
  • Having a plan for your life can be instrumental in helping you stay clean.
  • Staying sober becomes easier when you know and define why you want sobriety and how your life will be richer for it.
  • Go For Check Ups And Counsel Sessions
  • If you have a set of follow-up appointments scheduled with your rehabilitation centre or the doctor you should not be looking to avoid the meetings.
  • At times, you might want to miss the appointments or handle your affairs on your own, but staying clean is easier when there are professionals giving you support.
  • Find a reason every day to be thankful for the accomplishment you have achieved.
  • Make sure that you are grateful for your life and recognize the efforts you have made to become clean.
  • You can keep a journal of your life's journey throughout the days that you have left the rehab facility.
  • Create Fresh Healthy Habits, Replace The Old Ones
  • A study which has been published in the European Journal Of Social Psychology provides information that it can take in excess of two months before a fresh habit can become habitual, and therefore, you will be required to find a new and a positive habit which you enjoy and stay with it without exceptions.

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Keep Clean By Engaging In Sober Activities

Forming positive habits and participating in healthy activities to pass time are highly recommended forms of distraction.

Activities which promote sobriety do not have to be boring because there is plenty of fun, which can be had without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Call us immediately on 0800 246 1509 if you want to revisit rehabilitation centre or you want to sustain your newly found abstinence.

The change from rehabilitation centre to home can be made harmless by doing the following:

  • Workout
  • Meditate
  • Involvement in athletics
  • Studying
  • Take part in art works
  • Educate yourself
  • Learn a new language
  • Plant a garden
  • Volunteer.

Seek Outlets That Provide A Community Sense

Nearly in every city and locality, several local groups offer support to people on their way to recovery. Involvement in jobs and hobbies with like minds, participation in social meetings, going for psychological consultations enables you to keep inspiring people within reach.

Involvement in other therapies like individual care, follow-ups, anonymous meetings and other form of self-help gathering can equally be done.

Can You Keep Sober When In The Presence Of Alcohol Or Drugs

Temptations are easy to come by during the initial stages after a recovery has been completed, and individuals at this stage will be more vulnerable to succumb to temptation, therefore, it is best completely to avoid getting into situations when the temptations could be triggered. It will be difficult for newcomers completely to stop thinking about their old habits and therefore, the problem of resisting a temptation can be challenging.

With that said, if you know that you'll be in a situation where people around you might be drinking and some might even offer you one, you can use a time-tested strategy to overcome temptation.

Avoiding temptation to drink in social gatherings:

  • Surround yourselves with people that can be trusted and visit the setting with a sober friend.
  • Drink beverages free of alcohol and keep a glass of such a drink in your hand all the time.
  • Avoid spending a lot of time in such a setting.
  • The moment you feel your resolve is getting a little weaker, get out of the party immediately.

Why You Should Get And Stay Sober

Better state of the circulatory and hepatic systems, abundance of energy, and ability to rest well are some of the numerous health merits. Embarking on a sober life is definitely worth the difficulty and the reasons go far beyond the physical benefits which will become attainable. Other benefits of staying sober:

  • Getting to meet new abstinent people
  • Saving money
  • Clarity in mind and new excitement for life
  • More energy to do things
  • Physical and mental improvements
  • Being a mentor for people that are also trying to stop the use of drugs

Of all the battles you might fight, overcoming alcohol or substances abuse might be the most difficult. The process will not be fast or seamless, and it is a lifelong commitment. Simply by making an effort to remain sober you will have acquired new strength by overcoming the problems that you thought you would not be able to achieve.

Every journey always begins with a small step in the right direction. Keep your focus on the ultimate prize of sobriety no matter what is thrown your way.